An idea – refining the multiple bank accounts!

I am going to rummage around and see how many bank accounts I have that are operational, that I don’t use anymore – or that can be rolled over into another account. I know I have more than most people seem to, and that’s mainly due to convenience at the time. And that time for most of these accounts will truly have passed! Some of the bank accounts have links to my daughters accounts, so they’ll have to stay open until I hand her control (shudder!), which is when I no longer have to pay her school fees…

I would like to open up an investment account for me and the he, separate from the emergency/bills/holiday/spendings accounts that we have operating, so that we have access to it if necessary, but so that it’s out of sight, out of mind and longer term. Term deposits won’t work for us, so this is an obvious option for us. I promise I’ll get to a financial advisor next year!



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