The best laid plans…

often go astray. Or something like that.

Tonight ended up being a leftover/rummage/fend for yourself, based on the fact that He has to work tonight, so I am not inspired to make tacos for only 2.

The bank accounts will need to stay as they are for another 12 months… while it would be simpler consolidating them, it will also be very time consuming and very frustrating (I *hate* dealing with banks!) for very little gain, so I’ve decided to leave them for now.

As for the investment account, I’ve discovered I can open it for much less than I thought – $500 with a monthly payment of $100, as opposed to a stand alone $2000 investment. I think if we take the lesser option, it won’t eat such a hole into the funds in the first instance, and the payments can just be skimmed off the savings account without much notice (at this stage – biting my tongue here, as I know the powers that be are wont to do strange things at times!). I’ll look into that tomorrow if I get a chance.

The other thing I need to do is check up on the house insurance – the summer months in the tropics have a tendency to throw nasty storms and/or cyclones at us, and I have a sneaking suspicion that there is one property that isn’t properly covered… ie. I found the paperwork I thought I’d sent 6 months ago… My laziness may just cost us a lot of money, and I need to sort it out as soon as possible. And LEARN!

For goodness sake!!


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