Things gone from the pantry…

Last night we had an entrée of garlic/pesto bread, made from the pita breads I’d brought to make mini pizzas, fresh garlic (from the markets yesterday), fresh basil from the garden (one of the few things that will actually grow for me up here!), and red capsicum. It was supposed to have the pine nuts in it too, but the love of my life forgot, and by the time I realised it was too late. Oh well, guess they’ll have to go into something else!

Tonight is taco night – another thing I brought ages ago but never used. The mince is from the freezer and although I did buy a lettuce yesterday, I still have a tomato in the fridge. Not supposed to eat cheese anymore (dammitall), so there’s none of that, unfortunately. May or may not have a can of beans to beef out the mince – but with the amount of food I’ve eaten over the weekend, I don’t think we’ll need it 🙂

I will have to check again tonight to see what we can eat for the next two days now… Perhaps that French lentil soup?


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