Carrot and Miso Soup

I was lucky enough to come across this lovely recipe today on Tumblr, for Carrot and Miso Soup. The items in the recipe are those which I most often have around the house, and although I was a little dubious of the flavours involved – carrots, miso, ginger and garlic – I was encouraged by the authors enthusiasm in creating the dish, plus the fact “It’s about one cube of tofu away from earning a halo, or at least being surrounded by singing cherubs”.

It was delicious, and even though I chopped the recipe in half it worked very well. I don’t think there’s anything I would change next time, but had a ‘lentil’ moment! It’s simple, easy and very tasty – it would freeze well, and would do just as well for lunch as dinner. (I’m lucky that I only made enough for 2, I would be eating it all night otherwise!). Definitely a keeper for the recipe book!



Remember those old recipe card boxes you used to see everywhere?

but noone actually used them?

I think I want one. Somehow the idea of flicking through cards seems easier than through books (plus it will save my books from being ruined!) or scrolling up and down a screen… I’ve seen the cards in the shops, I’ll just have to get a pack and find a box for them. Can’t be *too* difficult, surely??

Delicious crockpot stuffed chicken breasts

It’s 0330, and I’m blogging 🙂

And also a bit peckish! THIS looks absolutely a) wonderful, b) delicious and c) simple, I’m going to try it 🙂

(once I’ve finished trying to get rid of stuff out of the pantry and freezer of course! Still working our way through it, it’s actually harder than I thought, mainly due to there being SO much food in there – and we still haven’t eaten those tacos *sigh*… had to pick up fruit and  eggs and greens – and cannot find my powdered soy milk for love nor money. I’m going to have to go into town for it!)