Stuff done today!

Not an overly exciting day, but movement nonetheless!

  1. Managed to get rid of a box of junk to the Salvation Army shop,
  2. Also took them a pile of books (4 Thesaurus’… really? Never used ONE!),
  3. Went to the tip and picked up some chicken wire to build the birds a bigger run (hopefully we’ll pick up a few more birds this weekend) – had to buy the pickets, but there were none at the tip,
  4. FINALLY cooked those damn tacos! Funny thing though, they were out of date by a mile, so the only thing I could use was the seasoning for the meat… had a spare sauce luckily, and had to dash up the road for the taco shells!, 
  5. Opened up the three new bank accounts – a personal one each, and a joint one for the bills to come out of. We have an appointment to talk to the manager tomorrow regarding the mortgages, and
  6. Got a little coin purse for the fuel and shopping money, and put our estimated amount in them. I even used it for the taco shells tonight – it was so WEIRD paying cash!

The pantry is starting to look a lot more under control, and the fridge actually has space in it again at last. There is another box to go to the Salvos, and I have clothes that need to go as well. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get a bit more done, and a bit more, and eventually, it will all be done.