Phone and Internet costs… *le sigh*

I almost had a monumental saving… I’ve been studying phone and internet plans and bundles for the past 2 hours, and believed I had it.

Currently I pay for two separate providers, so by bundling I could save money… except my preferred provider doesn’t have phone bundling in this area, and the second provider can only offer slower speed internet.

So from the current $160pm, I had it down to $109, then $85 – and mentally I was spending that extra $900 per year… only to find out I can go slower for $105, or leave it the same… and with two gamers in the house, I think slower will get me smothered in my sleep. Or not asleep. .. *le sigh*

I suppose I can change the home phone down to a ‘pay as you go’ option – it’s a really crappy line, and most of our calls are via mobiles or internet now, so it’s likely to be no big deal – which will take it down to $121pm for both. It’s a $460 saving I guess, which is better than a kick in the teeth!

Why is Australia so DAMNED expensive, for crap service and shit quality?

**edited: Have just considered the fact I do actually use the phone sometimes, so would need to include $20 for the actual calls made… ARGH. I hate this stuff.