Simple Savings to the rescue!

Funny how trying to save money is a lot like dieting… the more you think about not spending or not eating something, the more you want to!

Today I’m going through the Simple Savings vault, and checking out for ideas that might suit us. Gotta be worth a crack, hey?

  • Using pencil cases to divide the cash allocated fortnightly (or weekly) to ‘Fuel’ and ‘Food’. Using cash will make it easier to see when the money runs out, as opposed to using the debit card, which isn’t quite as ‘in your face’. Any money left over (would be a hallelujah moment for me, I’m sure!!) could either come off the budget for the next period, or back into the savings account.
  • No drive days. This should ensure there is some money left in the fuel kitty! How much, is up to us. Okay, me. I haven’t ridden a pushbike so far for years and years…
and my idea for today:
  • Paying us wages for cooking and cleaning. I haven’t quite worked this totally, but the gist is that we were going to give ourselves spending money for personal items, so this could either make it seem like we were paying our way, or give us extra. I don’t clean anywhere near what I should, because a) I don’t like it, and b) it’s boring. I was going to get a cleaner, so my time should be worth theirs, surely? And if I’m getting paid to do it, it’s not the same as HAVING to do it, is it? He cooks all the time, so if I’m getting paid to clean, then he can get paid to cook – or we can swap, or help each other out. The plan is to reward ourselves for working, encourage us to work together, and to spend time together. Even if we give it a trial for a fortnight, we can see how it goes.



Hello world!

This will be my third blog for the year… and given that it’s 18 Dec today, hopefully my last!

I’m intending to get my act together next year, in terms of being wiser with my money, and more sensible with my spending – particularly food shopping. I’m a member of the Simple Savings website, and have been for years, and while I’ve got some hints and tips over the years (and lots of inspiration!), I’ve never actually put one thing into practice. Some of the people there quite frankly scare me with their obsessiveness. I am not, and don’t want, to be like that. I would just like to be a little more concious of where my money is going, and to have less clutter in my life and my pantry. It’s a great website, and a good procrastinating activity for rainy days

Earlier this year we were menu planning in three day hits – which has fallen by the wayside unfortunately, and now we have a pantry full of random items that were brought for some recipe that never quite got everything, or got lost… I’m the biggest culprit I’m afraid – something will sound nice, but have some odd ingredient, then I’ll see it weeks later and buy it, only to have no clue of what it is the ingredient went with! The other time is when things are on special… and you stock up. And never use it… Perfect timing for my purchase of the Simple Savings $21 Challenge book, and needless to say, I’m feeling inspired.The idea is to take a week and use up what is in your fridge and pantry first, and spend no more than $21 on extra ingredients- if you have a pantry like ours, it’ll take longer. How long or how often you do the challenge is completely up to you, but I think once a month will be good to start with.

I think I’ll set up a page here with links to these recipes (mostly from other blogs you see), so I’ll be able to keep track. That’s the theory anyway!  I want to get rid of some of the clutter in my life, as I’ve recently taken up a more transient lifestyle; after being in one area for nearly 20 years, I’m possibly moving every 3 – and have too much stuff. Way too much stuff!

So, some goals for me:

  • clean out the pantry using the $21 Challenge.
  • take note of the good ideas from the Simple Savings website, and put them into practice
  • reduce clutter. Either sell it or give it away. Or throw it.
  • menu planning – three days worth. Use CSIRO cookbooks for planning where possible. That’s what helps you maintain your weight and focus!
  • get control of my life!