Simple Savings to the rescue!

Funny how trying to save money is a lot like dieting… the more you think about not spending or not eating something, the more you want to!

Today I’m going through the Simple Savings vault, and checking out for ideas that might suit us. Gotta be worth a crack, hey?

  • Using pencil cases to divide the cash allocated fortnightly (or weekly) to ‘Fuel’ and ‘Food’. Using cash will make it easier to see when the money runs out, as opposed to using the debit card, which isn’t quite as ‘in your face’. Any money left over (would be a hallelujah moment for me, I’m sure!!) could either come off the budget for the next period, or back into the savings account.
  • No drive days. This should ensure there is some money left in the fuel kitty! How much, is up to us. Okay, me. I haven’t ridden a pushbike so far for years and years…
and my idea for today:
  • Paying us wages for cooking and cleaning. I haven’t quite worked this totally, but the gist is that we were going to give ourselves spending money for personal items, so this could either make it seem like we were paying our way, or give us extra. I don’t clean anywhere near what I should, because a) I don’t like it, and b) it’s boring. I was going to get a cleaner, so my time should be worth theirs, surely? And if I’m getting paid to do it, it’s not the same as HAVING to do it, is it? He cooks all the time, so if I’m getting paid to clean, then he can get paid to cook – or we can swap, or help each other out. The plan is to reward ourselves for working, encourage us to work together, and to spend time together. Even if we give it a trial for a fortnight, we can see how it goes.